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Mechanical turbocharger damage requires replacement of intercooler

Metallic chips left in the intercooler can cause engine damage


Schwäbisch Hall, July 23, 2013. Whenever any form of mechanical fault affects the turbocharger, it is simply not enough to replace just this with a new one. According to the air-conditioning and cooling experts Behr Hella Service, in such an instance it is even necessary to replace the intercooler. For when mechanical turbocharger damage occurs, it is quite possible that oil and metal chips begin to collect in the intercooler. The ensuing contamination and blockage result in a reduction of engine performance. However, the repercussions become much more serious if the metal chips remaining in the intercooler work loose and get into the combustion chamber. Then one has to reckon with considerable engine damage.
In the valued opinion of the Behr Hella Service experts, the flushing out of the intercooler, as opposed to its replacing, cannot be seen as a safe and sure alternative. The reason for this is that the rinsing process does not guarantee the removal of all the chips. Moreover, intercoolers with turbulence inserts cannot be flushed out or cleaned because of their design features. In the end, flushing out can only be considered an effective method for removing small amounts of oil which have collected in the intercooler. 

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