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HELLA launches 2014 Lighting Campaign

Functional, well maintained lighting increases driving safety

Lippstadt, October 20th, 2014. HELLA, the lighting expert, is kicking off this year's lighting campaign at the beginning of the dark season. The topic of safety will be the focus. Good, regularly maintained lighting, which optimally illuminates the road, is not only important for your own driving. When headlamps are incorrectly installed, there is a danger of blinding oncoming traffic and causing accidents, potentially resulting in injuries. HELLA supports a wide variety of different groups through quality lighting products, attractive marketing support and high-performance technical support.

Drivers are directly addressed under the motto "The best part of driving: arriving safely." Traffic dangers can only be detected early with functional, correctly installed lighting. On the HELLA microsite, drivers can find extensive information about HELLA products, information on the topic of vehicle lighting and other useful driving information. HELLA supports the aftermarket and garages through a comprehensive range of quality lighting products for passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

For drivers of commercial vehicles, and aftermarket, garage, and fleet owners/operators, the same applies with respect to the lighting campaign: good, regularly maintained lighting is indispensable when on the road. In addition, reliability and cost-effectiveness also play an important role as lights should not fail during long trips. Lighting solutions from HELLA combine both of these criteria. More information about these solutions can be found at The site also contains a new image clip and plenty of detailed information for garages, aftermarket dealers, and long-distance truck drivers. The Addlight app is also available on the webpage It contains up-to-date information about the auxiliary headlamp product range from HELLA.

The agricultural sector is also being addressed in this campaign because only fully functional vehicle lighting enables efficient, danger-free work. To this end, HELLA provides extensive information about lighting for agricultural machinery on the microsite. In addition to product information, many online tools are available, including Eliver (, which compares the light distribution of worklights, or the worklight configurator (, which enables the combination of various headlamps and testing with the help of a 360° view. Furthermore, the Worklights app and the new worklight brochure from HELLA provide extensive information about different light technologies.


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