Garages & Services / 19.08.2014
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Handy tips all about vehicle air conditioning

The compressor app from Behr Hella Service, absolutely free of charge, provides garages with good, all-round information on the filling quantities of refrigerant and compressor oil

Schwäbisch Hall, August 19, 2014. Having all the essential information on vehicle air conditioning literally at your fingertips - this free compressor app designed for garages and provided by the air-conditioning expert, Behr Hella Service, now makes this possible. The app illustrates exactly how much refrigerant and compressor oil are needed for each individual kind of vehicle. It also enables those vehicles which are very often searched for, and of course their relevant filling quantities, to be saved as favorites and then called up directly whenever required. And finding the matching Behr Hella Service PAO Oil 68 for any one particular compressor is just as easy.


In addition, the app gives step-by-step instructions on the professional way of replacing a compressor so that troubleshooting and indeed compressor replacement can be performed quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, technical information and brochures together with video instructions all play their part in highlighting the subject of air-conditioning compressors in graphic detail. It is also possible to use the app to call up brochures dealing with the topics of compressor oils, vehicle air conditioning, air-conditioning maintenance, thermal management of hybrid vehicles and also brochures detailing the range of alternative products available from Behr Hella Service. Other functions include the topic of FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) and the weather forecast with Ole, the thermal penguin.


This app can be enjoyed by both iOS users and also Android users and it has been optimized for mobile use on smartphones and tablets.

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