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LED Technology Comes To The Countryside

Tips for the successful converting of worklights from halogen to LED bulbs

Lippstadt, 13. May 2014. Today when we open up a trade journal, we are faced with a deluge of articles all revolving around the subject of LED lighting. This kind of illumination is also often the topic under discussion in internet forums. And at the Agritechnica 2013, the world's leading trade fair for agricultural machinery that was held in Hanover, Germany, the trend towards LED illumination stood out in sharp relief. The majority of reputable manufacturers who showcased their premium vehicles there had opted for work lighting based on light-emitting diodes. The advantages of this new technology are plain to see: not only do LED worklights produce better light but they also boast a considerably longer service life and their lower energy consumption is less demanding on the alternator. But the crucial question is this: is it necessary to buy a brand new tractor before I can start using LED worklights? Or can I retrofit my existing machinery myself?


The simple answer is as follows: you do not have to wait until it is necessary to buy a new vehicle before you can start benefiting from the advantages of LED lighting. Because it is possible to carry out successful conversion of your lights in five easy steps:


  1. Take stock of the current situation
  2. Gather together information
  3. Invest in LED worklights
  4. Mount new lighting
  5. Fine-tune LED worklights


It is quite simple but, nevertheless, the following aspects should be considered when going through each stage of the operation:


1. Taking Stock Of The Current Situation

Prior to beginning any kind of retrofitting, it is recommendable to take a close look at the lights that are currently in operation on your vehicle. The particularly important points to notice are all the dimensions, the article numbers and also the cable and plug connections of the vehicle in question. Having such information at your fingertips will enable you to efficiently narrow down your choice at the agricultural machinery dealer's, thus helping you to find suitable products more swiftly.


2. Gathering Together Information


In preparation for your visit to an agricultural machinery dealer, where you will undoubtedly discover a treasure trove of product offers and a wealth of information, it is worthwhile carrying out some research beforehand. In this way, you will be forearmed with a good overview of the universal range of worklights available. A visit to the HELLA website at will allow you to make excellent comparisons between all the various models. And especially when it is a question of precise illumination and homogeneous light distribution - indispensable factors for the guaranteeing of safe and efficient work in the dark - HELLA LED worklights, equipped as they are with an optimized reflector system, take some beating. Unlike many products turned out by the competition, HELLA lights use this reflector system to illuminate the working area perfectly. The selection of illumination variations can be tested by using the ELIVER tool provided by HELLA. Here you will also come across extensive product information so that you will surely have no trouble finding the ideal worklight for your individual requirements.
It goes without saying that product quality is another key aspect which is not to be neglected during the purchasing of LED worklights. Constant vibrations as well as environmental influences like cold, rain and damage through stones and grit place high demands on such products. Once again, it is extremely worthwhile comparing everything on offer. Many manufacturers ramp up the quality of their products by promising a very long service life and very high lumens at low prices - promises which very often cannot be kept. But at HELLA it is a totally different story because at HELLA quality is given top priority. Before leaving the plants, all HELLA products consequently undergo a whole host of diverse testing procedures ( Only by subscribing to such a modus operandi can perfect reliability and performance chime together in harmony with a very long service life so that an amortization of purchase costs is achieved after a reasonable time.


3. Investing In LED Worklights


When comparing the cost of worklights, you will discover a vast spectrum of prices ranging from entry-level products starting at 50 Euros right up to high-powered, top-flight lights costing around 400 Euros. This is where all the previously gathered information comes in very useful. The only real sound advice here is to fall back on the products of reputable manufacturers such as HELLA, who not only promise to deliver optimal illumination, homogeneous light distribution and impeccable quality but they actually do so. And thanks to the Group's worldwide sales network, HELLA LED worklights can be obtained from a huge number of agricultural machinery dealers across the globe.


4. Mounting New Lighting


After purchasing your HELLA LED worklight, you will be impatient to have it up and running. In order to mount the new lighting, the first step is to dismantle the old equipment and adapt the vehicle's wiring to suit that of the LED light. Mount the DEUTSCH connector or make a direct connection between the ends of the worklight cables and those of the vehicle. If your vehicle does not have a suitable mating connector for the DEUTSCH plug, such a part can be bought from any agricultural machinery dealer. Heat shrinkable tubing will then enable the plug-in connector to become completely sealed and it also ensures that no unwanted damage occurs. Failure is frequently caused not by the products themselves but by poor cabling. It is imperative to always ensure good insulation of the power supply. This is the way to achieve a long service life for your lighting and it also prevents the occurrence of frequent outages. When mounting your new light, it is recommended to tighten the bracket just by hand so that afterwards you are able to direct the worklight exactly towards the area to be illuminated.


5. Fine-Tuning LED Worklights


As soon as all worklights have been mounted, it is then necessary to see to the angle of inclination and the lateral adjustment of each individual light. It is essential to make certain that the working area is given optimal, streak-free illumination. Dark patches or inhomogeneous illumination would greatly impair powers of concentration for people working in darkness and they can also lead to fatigue setting in more quickly. Therefore it is important to align the worklights in such a way as to allow long-range and close-range illumination to harmonize with each other, thus blending together seemingly seamlessly. Once you have set optimal illumination, it only remains for you to tighten the screws and secure the leads with cable ties to the vehicle's bodywork. The conversion is now complete and, thanks to HELLA LED technology, in future you will be able to work in darkness more effectively and more safely.


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