Garages & Services / 07.02.2014
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Behr Hella Service recommends a regular air-conditioning system check

Behr Hella Service, the thermal management expert, is supporting garages with wide-ranging measures to boost sales and improve technical support in its 2014 Thermal Management Campaign.

Schwäbisch Hall, February 7, 2014. As part of the Thermal Management Campaign 2014, Behr Hella Service plans to highlight the necessity of regular air-conditioning checks. Their recommendations concern the 'usual suspects': the fungi, spores and bacteria which can build up in air-conditioning systems if they are not regularly disinfected. Regular maintenance can also prevent excessive repair costs or overly high temperatures in the vehicle interior. Overheating in particular represents a major safety risk, as it can significantly lower drivers' ability to concentrate.

Behr Hella Service uses numerous measures to help garages convey to their customers the benefits and importance of having their air-conditioning systems checked. This year, the thermal management experts are focusing on the subject of health. For example, a weather-proof 3-meter wide banner displaying the words "Air-conditioning system check available here - for the perfect climate in your vehicle" at the entrance of the garage attracts attention, even from a distance. Once inside the workshop, a poster and a 1.5 meter inflatable penguin remind drivers again of the importance of having their air conditioning systems checked regularly (annually or every 15,000 km). Illustrated flyers explaining the procedure drive home the point. Only regular replacement of the interior filter, inspection of all the components, function and performance testing and disinfection of the evaporator can prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and fungal spores in the air-conditioning system.

The thermal management experts also offer technical support via the HELLA Tech World technical support portal: check lists and videos showing the steps involved in replacing a compressor, for example, technical brochures with a wealth of information about thermal management and maintenance manuals for air conditioning and cooling systems. The latter are very useful to have in the garage to determine the types and quantities of coolant and compressor oil for various air conditioning and engine cooling systems. Furthermore, the know-how tool offers information about every aspect of thermal management - it's a useful multimedia application to have at one's side during the air-conditioning season. The animated 3D tool illustrates the way assemblies interact and helps with troubleshooting.

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