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Air-conditioning check offers protection from unwelcome guests

Advice from thermal management experts Behr Hella Service: regular maintenance prevents the growth of bacteria and spores in your air-conditioning system

Schwäbisch Hall, April 4, 2014. They're trouble, making the air in the vehicle stale and potentially damaging the health of the occupants: bacteria, fungi and microorganisms like to colonize the dark, damp ventilation system from where they gain easy access to the vehicle interior. They can cause sneezing and coughing, watering eyes and allergic reactions, a dangerous combination in road traffic. Jörg Laukenmann from Behr Hella Service has this advice: "Many workshops offer their customers air-conditioning checks. This involves an inspection of the whole air-conditioning system with function and performance testing and replacement of the interior filter. If necessary, the evaporator through which cool air is emitted into the vehicle interior is disinfected." This check should be carried out annually or after every 15,000 kilometers. As well as minimizing the health risk, a regularly maintained air-conditioning system ensures that the driver concentrates better by keeping the proverbial cool head in the summer and that mist clears quickly from the screen and windows in the winter.


Vehicle owners who have their air-conditioning checked regularly can be certain that all the components are functioning as expected and thus lower the risk of an expensive breakdown of the whole system. For further information go to

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