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Finding the right worklight is easy with the HELLA worklights app

Animation sequences bring lighting technologies alive // Comprehensive product information in the app's product catalog


Lippstadt, October 04, 2013 HELLA worklights enable all manner of work to be performed precisely and safely simply because they deliver first-class illumination even under the most difficult conditions. Consequently these innovative products can offer all-round support to drivers of agricultural and construction machinery and to all those who drive commercial, special, emergency and municipal vehicles. The new HELLA worklights app, which has been developed for mobile use, allows its user to find the suitable worklight for his purposes. And it does so by making available a wealth of detailed information in a real time 3-D display.

Thanks to the app's product finder with its intuitive style of operation, the suitable HELLA worklight can be located and then selected for a total of seven different types of vehicle. For every possible installation position on the vehicle, this app will automatically suggest the appropriate product, together with all manner of detailed information on the product, a 3-D representation of it, product videos and the like. By using the function entitled "Product Catalog", the user is able to inspect detailed product information on more than 40 kinds of worklights. In this way he can achieve a real insight into every single product on offer. The simulated driver's cab of an agricultural machine, where the user can have a virtual seat, allows a variety of lighting technologies (LED, Xenon, Halogen) to be tested with the aid of a panoramic 360° view. In addition, these lighting technologies can be compared with the help of an animation sequence where the illumination at the front and the rear of a tractor can be viewed from various angles. The HELLA worklight app means that it is possible to experience the worklight product brochure and the new brochure for farmers interactively in its full real time 3-D form (Augmented Reality). And scanning or photographing of particular pages of the brochure, which have been highlighted, makes it possible for the user to access user videos, product information and a choice of animations.

The HELLA Worklights app is available free of charge on and is designed for tablets and smartphones using the Apple iOS and Android operating systems. It can also be downloaded from iTunes or Google Play. The app is available in a total of eleven different languages.

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