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HELLA and BAIC found joint venture for lighting systems

Operative start-up of the joint venture, Beijing Hella BHAP Automotive Lighting set for Month September // Focus on automotive lighting technologies


Lippstadt, Germany, April 30, 2014. The HELLA Group is continuing to strengthen its presence on the rapidly growing Chinese automobile market, this time by setting up a joint venture with the leading Chinese automobile manufacturer, BAIC. The signing of the contract for the founding of Beijing Hella BHAP Automotive Lighting Co., Ltd. took place in Munich on March 26, 2014. The operative start-up of the company will take place following official approval by the authorities, which is scheduled for the beginning of September.


The aim of this equal business partnership, which has a nominal capital of approximately 30 million Euros, is to exploit the available infrastructure and to expand the already existing HELLA location in Beijing by turning it into a full service provider of car lighting. The joint venture will thus develop and produce lighting systems there, which are specially tailored to suit the Chinese market. By means of this planned joint venture, the automotive parts supplier, HELLA, can bring its technological expertise to one of the fastest-growing Asian automobile manufacturers and thereby further develop its role as the leading lighting specialist on the expanding Asian market.


On the occasion of the contract signing, Xu Heyi, Chairman of the BAIC Management Board, emphatically expressed the following sentiments: "As one of the leading Chinese automobile producers, the BAIC Group particularly welcomes this partnership with HELLA. We are convinced that this joint venture will enable both companies to further strengthen their good position on the Chinese automotive market."


It was just at the beginning of this year that HELLA once again realized and reinforced the increasingly significant role played by the Chinese market. Following the launching of yet another production location in Jiaxing, the Group extended its Management Board by setting up in January a special department just for China. Jörg Buchheim, who has taken over the running of this department while still remaining Managing Director of the HELLA Chinese companies, explains: "China is a tremendously important market for HELLA. During the last fiscal year of 2012/2013, we were able to generate about eight percent of our total sales here on this market and we expect this amount to continue rising in the coming years. And for that reason we are investing in the sustainable expansion of our structures - in the realms of production and in those of development - in a targeted way." HELLA has been operating on the Chinese market since the beginning of the 1980s, initially using the vehicle of cooperation and license agreements. Today the company employs 4,500 members of staff in China at ten locations dealing with development, production and administration. Against such a backcloth the founding of the joint venture, Beijing Hella BHAP Automotive Lighting Co. Ltd., is yet another important milestone along the path.

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