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Production of new LEDs and plastic components

HELLA Fahrzeugteile Austria proceeds with its extensive growth plan // Expansion of the Großpetersdorf plant // Global sales in Millennium Tower in Vienna


Großpetersdorf, March 18, 2013. Over the next four years, HELLA Fahrzeugteile Austria GmbH is set to expand its position in the global market with an ambitious growth and innovation strategy. Within the HELLA Group, the Austrian subsidiary of the German lighting and electronics company is responsible for headlamps used all over the world in agricultural and construction machinery and in the field of power sports (motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles and electric vehicles). At a press conference in Großpetersdorf (in the state of Burgenland), managing directors Manfred Gerger and Thomas Hiebaum presented their plans for the future of the Austrian production and distribution site.

Expansion of the Großpetersdorf plant

Over the next four years, HELLA will invest more than 20 million euros. A large portion of this investment will be used to expand the Großpetersdorf plant. The addition of a 1,000 square-meter hall allowed HELLA to relocate tool manufacture and technical services out of the plant. The resulting free space was used to create a new LED production line, which was brought into service at the end of 2012. The second phase of expansion began in mid-2012 with the addition of a further 1,200 square meters. In the future, this space will be used to produce plastic components for lighting technology, which will be delivered straight to the adjacent surface processing facility.

At the same time, jobs will be created in the development department in Großpetersdorf and Vienna. "The expansion of our own development department in Austria is a very positive sign for the future in terms of opto-electronic integration and modern lighting systems. It shows that our German parent company is truly committed to this site," says Thomas Hiebaum on the subject of the Group's decision.

Global sales in Vienna's Millennium Tower

Alongside development and production, HELLA Fahrzeugteile Austria GmbH is also responsible for selling headlamps for use in agricultural and construction machinery, as well as in power sports vehicles, directly to the world's major manufacturers. All sales activities are coordinated from the HELLA branch office in Vienna, which has been housed in the Millennium Tower since the start of 2012.

98 percent of all headlamps manufactured in Großpetersdorf are exported. HELLA is the market leader in Europe and the North Atlantic Free Trade Area in the fields of front and work lighting for agricultural and construction machinery. In the world of power sports, HELLA supplies products to selected customers in Europe, the USA, and Canada, and is the market leader in Southeast Asia.

As well as expanding its market position in Europe, HELLA Fahrzeugteile Austria intends to concentrate predominantly on the emerging markets in North and South America, China, and India over the next few years.

Overcoming new challenges with a strong team

As of the end of February 2013, HELLA Fahrzeugteile GmbH has 455 employees, which is 53 more than the year before. Manfred Gerger is, therefore, confident that the HELLA teams in Großpetersdorf and Vienna will also be expanding in the next few years. "In the future, we will have a particular need for highly qualified technical staff and skilled workers in order to expand our development and production departments. We will also offer apprenticeships in production technology, plastics technology, and mechatronics in order to provide young people with training that is focused on the future."

According to the growth plan, sales of 88 million euros in the 2011/2012 fiscal year will rise to more than 110 million euros in the next few years. In terms of quantities sold, the company has set itself the target of increasing its figures from 3.8 million headlamps sold per year to over 5 million. HELLA also aims to triple the amount of LED devices it sells.

"By stepping up our activities in the field of LED production, we are making great strides in ensuring that our products are energy-efficient and durable while also improving their illuminating power. Our Power Beam 1000 is already the most successful LED worklight in the global market. The Flat Beam was presented with the Green Award at the Automechanika 2012 trade fair in Frankfurt, and is the most efficient headlamp in our product range," stresses Manfred Gerger.

Thomas Hiebaum: "With the expansion of our LED development and production capacity, we are laying the foundation for the continuing growth of HELLA as the market leader for work lighting".

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