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A successful union of theory and practice

For more than ten years, we have successfully been creating and maintaining cooperations between HELLA and universities throughout Germany.
But as a globally operating company we strive for a wider network, connecting universities and HELLA locations around the world. Cooperations already exist in Germany, China, Czech Republic, Mexico, Romania, Slovakia, Slowenia and Vietnam. These can take different forms, depending on the local opportunities, but they always have one goal: To allow students put their theoretical knowledge into practice and get an insight into the daily work in one of the top 50 automotive companies in the world.

Together with the Chinese South East University and the German Hamm-Lippstadt University of Applied Sciences, HELLA offers a summer camp for students interested in new technologies, the automotive industry and intercultural exchange. The Chinese and German students are provided with the opportunity to join factory tours around the HELLA factory premises, language classes as well as sport activities. What is more, the students also practically work on a given technical project with the support of experienced university professors and HELLA employees.

HELLA also warmly welcomes numerous students each year from foreign universities for an internship or to write their thesis at HELLA. Here, we provide extensive support, starting with the application for a visa, booking of flights and settling in in Germany.

Cooperation University of Applied Science Hamm-Lippstadt, Germany – HELLA – South East University Nanjing, China

Summercamp for students in Lippstadt / Shanghai

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