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Impact and application
of daytime running lights
Pedestrians, children playing, cyclists, and all vehicle drivers
recognise a vehicle with daytime running lights better during
the day. Even with glare from the sun. They can therefore
react faster – and prevent dangerous situations and accidents
more easily.
Low beams are not ideal daytime running lights, because they
light the carriageway at a downward angle. Daytime running
lights, on the other hand, shine forwards and can therefore be
seen much better. The light intensity is designed not to be
perceived as glare. A true warning effect, which also requires
less energy and fuel than low beams.
Whoever has daytime running lights doesn't have to worry
about light, because the lights switch on automatically
with the ignition. When the low beams are switched on, the
daytime running lights are automatically deactivated.
trim panel sets
System comparison: low beam versus daytime running light
The vehicle-specific trim panels create an individual front lighting
design, can be painted in the colour of your choice, are simple
to install, and fit perfectly. The trim panel set provides the ideal
installation space for attaching the LEDayFlex daytime running
light. Scope of supply: two vehicle trim panels that can be
painted, two carrier frames, professional harness 8KA 165 959-
001, and mounting accessories.
1. Trim panel set VW Golf V,
model year 10/03 (except GTI, GT, R32 and variant)
9HB 183 460-001
2. Trim panel set Ford Focus II,
model year 02/08 (except Ford Focus ST)
9HB 183 460-101
3. Trim panel set VW Touran,
model year 11/06 to 04/10
9HB 183 460-201
Extension cable 2-pole 500 mm
8KB 178 139-001
5 LED light modules for daytime running light
2PT 010 458-801
5 LED light modules daytime running light/position light
2PT 010 458-811
*Must be ordered separately. For information about LEDayFlex, see page 4 | 5
20 | 21