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Safe, reliable, cost-effective products

Product ideas are the response to real problem definitions from practice. Quality, practicability, safety and cost effectiveness are the aims of every new development. These are criteria Hella's comprehensive range of products already meets today.

LED technology is today's hot topic. This technology is being pushed further and further up the agenda, especially for commercially-operated municipal vehicles & special bodywork. Lighting and electronics expert Hella has a decisive role in driving this process forward, continuously adding to its range of LED products. LED technology is especially apt at meeting the requirements on commercially-operated vehicles which are particularly stringent. All LED products designed by Hella are resistant against vibrations, dirt and water. This benefit leads to significant cost savings, especially for commercial vehicles which are often in continuous service. For instance, this obviates follow-on costs, such as spare parts, maintenance costs and downtimes. The use of LED technology also has positive effects on profitability and the eco-balance as a result of reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.Umweltbilanz aufgrund des reduzierten Treibstoffverbrauchs sowie geringerer CO2-Emmission.